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Posted by hungvietbrisbane on 28/02/2012


Amid all the chaos and intrigue on the Australian political scene due to the leadership struggle between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, a small financial news item might have escaped the attention of many of us.

And that is Vietnam Airways has bought out the majority shareholdings of Jetstar Pacific via the State Capital Investment Corporation of Vietnam. The Vietnamese national flag carrier will hold 69.93 per cent of Jetstar Pacific, with the Australian Qantas Group owning 30 per cent of the low-cost carrier.


According to aviation industry sources, “ …Through the new partnership, Jetstar Pacific will receive an initial capital injection of AUD$25 million, including $7.5 million from the Qantas Group. This will be directed towards fleet renewal, with the carrier’s current Boeing 737s replaced with new A320s from mid-2012…

Jetstar Pacific and Vietnam Aitlines planes at Noi Bai airport in Hanoi


Information on Wikipedia shows that Jetstar Airways is an Australian low cost airline headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It is a subsidiary of Qantas, created in 2003 in response to the threat posed by low-cost airline Virgin Blue (now known as Virgin Australia).

Domestic passenger services began on 25 May 2004 and international services began to Christchurch, New Zealand on 1 December 2005.

Parent company Qantas also has stakes in sister companies Jetstar Asia Airways and Valuair in Singapore, Jetstar Pacific Airlines in Vietnam and the new Japanese carrier Jetstar Japan.

According to ABC News (22/02/2012), “ Late last year, Vietnamese media reported that Jetstar Pacific would merge with Vietnam Airlines to save the Vietnamese national carrier from becoming insolvent.


Now the takeover has become official and therefore all the revenues, profits etc … that Jetstar Pacific accumulates will be siphoned to Hanoi via Vietnam Airways.

As refugees from the Vietnamese regime, we cannot inject oxygen to a dictatorship that is oppressing all basic human rights of 80 million people in Vietnam. We cannot unconscionably helping an oppressive regime by supporting them economically.

Flying with Jetstar may save you a few dollars but remember that all the dollars that you DON’T save, ie the fares that you are paying them, will find their ways to the bottomless pockets of corrupt leaders in Hanoi.


Politics aside, why should you spend your hard-earned dollars on a second-rate (if not even third-rate) airline ? In case you may think that is my biased personal comment, take a look at this webpage from Skytrax, the world’s largest airline review site.

Here are some samples:

“ … Hanoi-Da Nang. Turned up at Hanoi expecting to catch an early flight to Da Nang to find our flight wasn’t even on the departures board. We were told the flight had been cancelled and moved to the following day with no alternatives offered. According to staff, Jetstar should have sent an earlier email notifying of the cancellation but this was not the case. Flight refunds allegedly take two weeks, however, I am still waiting nearly a month later. For the sake of few extra dollars, book with a more reliable company…” Trip rating: 0/10

“ … We flew from Saigon to Da Nang (Vietnam). Unfriendly, dirty cabin and toilets, no seat space. We paid for seat reservation and did not get the seats…Trip rating: 2/10

“ … My second, and last, flight on Jetstar Pacific – Danang to HCMC, return. High-mileage aircraft, dirty inside and out, holes in seats and carpeting, and a foul aroma in the cabin. On the return we were lining up to board and were told of a 5 hour delay. A voucher was offered but could only be redeemed on a future flight…”. Trip rating: 1/10


Therefore I urge you, Vietnamese AS WELL AS non-Vietnamese:

(1) Boycott all Jetstar services;

(2) If you MUST travel to Vietnam for family reasons, DO NOT USE Jetstar Pacific;

(3) Spread the news of this boycott to all your relatives, friends, associates etc … and urge them to do the same;

(4) Request the Vietnamese Australian travel agents to think about the consequences of selling Jetstar Pacific tickets and STOP DOING SO.

Looking forward to receiving your support as well as your ideas and suggestions so we can form AN EFFECTIVE BOYCOTTING CAMPAIGN OF JETSTAR.

HUNG VIET (Brisbane)


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