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Posted by hungvietbrisbane on 11/10/2011


Dear Bruce, John, Noel and all other friends in the CVAG,

This is going to be a rather long letter, so please be patient with me.

To prepare for the crucial meeting with the leaders of RSL on Oct 22nd, in one of your emails to me, you asked:

..Can you give me examples of the sorts of freedoms which, in addition to all the other human rights limitations, are denied to former ARVN soldiers, e.g. can they associate with each other/gather together for a reunion? Can they openly mourn their dead? Can they establish a monument to their dead? What would happen if they did these, or other such things? (I would make no reference where this information came from…

I have obliged to that request and put it on the internet to my Vietnamese networks. The response, as expected, has been overwhelming but before I go into that, just let me say one thing first.

Apart from citing the examples of the Communist ongoing maltreatment of former ARVN soldiers and their families, the majority of respondents asked me to convey to you guys their gratitude for what you have been doing and planning to do in this whole MoU saga.

They said after all these years, it is so touching and so heart-warming that you are still standing by us, still giving us the same kind of support that came our way during the Vietnam War. That is what true friendship is all about, in complete contrast with the attitude of some high-ranking officials making self-serving political decisions from their air-conditioning offices.

Now, back to your question of the Communist never-changing vengeanceful attitude, I wonder how much time you have got.

Shall I begin from the first days they took over the South, when they scurried through the military hospitals and literally kicked out all the wounded ARVN soldiers being hospitalized in there, no matter how desperate these “former enemies” were in need of care and treatment ? It wasn’t a rare sight as a petite wife had to piggyback her husband home with him holding the bottle of intravenous solution.

Or shall I fast-forward 5 years, 10 years or even 15 years so we can hear about the children of the former ARVN combatants being refused proper schooling because of their fathers’ “guilt to the fatherland” ?

Or shall we talk about current lives of the disabled soldiers who have to fend for themselves with no help whatsoever from a government always talking about “reconciliation” ?

All the help these poor souls receive come from overseas, either by their former colleagues or by charitable individuals and organizations.

Disabled ARVN soldiers showing “Thank You” cards to their overseas benefactors

These actions of the current government, by any definition, are crimes. Crimes against humanity, as we understand the word in a civilized world. But their crimes do not stop there, not only against the living but also against the dead.

That’s the most horrific, most nauseating part of it !

Most of you would probably remember the Military Cemetery for ARVN soldiers situated on the side of Bien Hoa Highway, on the way from Saigon to Nui Dat in Ba Ria (Phuoc Tuy).

That serene environment was appropriately chosen so the approximate 20,000 South Vietnamese men in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice could be laid to rest in peace.

However the North Vietnamese Communists would have none of that. To them it is an eyesore and one of the first things they planned to do when they took over the whole country was to demolish this 125-hectare cemetery.

But to use bulldozers to do the job would be too obvious and would stir an outcry of protest from the people, not only in Vietnam but also internationally.

No, the Commies are much more cunning than that ! They have been working on that “project” step by step.

First, the harassment of families and friends of the deceased when they come to visit the gravesites. Their aim is the relatives will become so discouraged to frequent there and the cemetery will be neglected, tombstones falling apart and eventually the whole place will disappear from the face of the earth.

The unattended Front and Back Gates of the ARVN Cemetery

Second, to speed up the process, they have moved people to set up villages around the place, transforming it to a residential area so busy that nobody would remember there is a cemetery nearby.

The third stage would be the most cunning trick of them all. On the pretext that they too are looking after the place, the authorities planted hundreds of “muồng” trees.

A “Muồng” tree – see how big it can grow

Now I don’t know the English Word for it but someone has given me its scientific name as Samanea, of Fabaceae family and a description of a type of tree up to 50m tall and the trunk diameter capable of expanding up to 20cm in 5 years. Their roots can grow above ground uncontrollably and the grass underneath is more dense than under other trees because their leaves are more sensitive to sunlight (see

Rows of “Muồng” trees in ARVN graveyard

Just imagine the roots of these trees propagating underground, going through the corpses of the deceased and the architects of this scheme will congratulate themselves with the incredibly clever but so cruel idea of “killing” their enemies the second time.

Yet the Communist rulers unashamedly call this a “forgiving privilege” !!!

And some people still believe in the reconciliation and the friendly co-operation with them ! It would be laughable if it did not come from the place as high as the RSL Headquarter.

Fortunately for us, you guys in the CVAG think otherwise and will stand beside us, to fight against this hideous plot.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks a million.

HƯNG VIỆT (Brisbane)


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